ThirdEye's CEO & Founder, Nick Cherukuri, was a finalist for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for New Jersey!

ThirdEye's CEO & Founder, Nick Cherukuri, was a finalist for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for New Jersey!

Mr. Nick Cherukuri, CEO of ThirdEye Gen, Inc., is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and researcher with multiple published patents on a mission to change human paradigms using AR/AI. He was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 for enterprise technology, a finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year & has spoken at major world tech conferences such as CES & AWE. He was the founding member of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality club. In his spare time, Nick also enjoys heavyweight rowing, golfing, running, and doing charity work.

Forbes Technology Council Leadership / Forbes U30 profile:

His priorities include providing strategic leadership to ThirdEye, creating an appropriate growth strategy and identifying resources needed to execute such strategy and understanding technology trends in the industry, and positioning the company to be a leader in utilizing such technologies to drive revenue and profit growth. He is responsible for creating an environment and culture that enables the company to fulfill its mission by meeting or exceeding its goals, conveying the firm's mission to all staff, holding staff accountable for their performance, motivating staff to improve performance, and being responsible for the measurement, assessment and continuous improvement of profits. Nick is one of the well-known subject matter experts in the Augmented Reality & AI industries by having expertise, education, and multiple patents. Previously, he developed AR/MR & Mobile applications that were successfully deployed in commercial/consumer App stores that earned thousands of users. He has strong experience in product development involving research for advanced AR systems for commercial and consumer applications & an outstanding reputation as a technical innovator/leader with a strong vision and excellent analytical, problem-solving, leadership, and business skills; intense commitment to new/emerging technologies and business excellence. Solid track record creating the vision and roadmap for new technologies, serving as a focal point for technical interface with customers, and supporting/leading new business development efforts. Nick was the product director in the development of the complete digital Augmented/Mixed Reality (AR/MR) ecosystem with ThirdEye smart glasses hardware, firmware, software, device management, and services. Provided strategic guidance, system architecture, and technology roadmap development. Developed core software and hardware technology to enable new AR/MR experiences. Implemented visualization solutions on mobile Android platforms. Supported this growing AR/MR ecosystem with services including feasibility discussion, roadmap planning, de-risking, prototype development, and team building.


  • AB – Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania


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