ThirdEye's 2021 Year in Review

ThirdEye's 2021 Year in Review

Congrats! You successfully completed another 365 days around the sun and made it to the most wonderful time of the year! And yes of course, the holidays are everybody’s favorite time of the year, but that’s not what we meant...we were actually referring to the time of year that ThirdEye releases our ‘year in review’ blog that you’ve all been patiently waiting for!

I think I speak for everybody when I say that thankfully, 2021 was just a bit more enjoyable than 2020 for obvious reasons.

But in all seriousness, 2021 was filled with several momentous occasions, the enjoyment of new relationships being formed, and some of the greatest innovations in the world of technology that we have ever seen. Artificial intelligence, smart devices, the metaverse, commercial space exploration...we’ve almost seen it all, right? At the rate we’re going now, we should all have flying cars by this same time next year!

Before you jump into our year-end review, we just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you, your friends, and your family a happy holidays and an even happier New Year! We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for our team, the AR + MR industry, and the world of technology as a whole.

ThirdEye’s New Hardware and Software Solutions

2021 was a year full of exciting software announcements and new developments for ThirdEye's existing platforms! Our experienced group of developers released several updates and new features to some of our most well-known solutions such as RemoteEye, MDM, and SLAM. But the true bread and butter of the year was when we released RespondEye for the emergency medical response community and DroneEye for various industrial, medical, and law enforcement verticals.

RespondEye was created in close collaboration with local hospital systems and their paramedics to create better patient outcomes in pre-hospital environments. Through an augmented reality telehealth solution on our hands-free X2 MR Glasses, paramedics in the field can live stream emergency situations to nearby doctors. During these calls, the doctors can provide their paramedics with live patient care instructions and expert assistance before the patient is transported to the hospital itself.

The second platform release of the year, DroneEye, was for our newly developed AR-enabled drone solution. When the platform is paired with augmented reality wearable devices, drone operators have the ability to visualize live feeds through a heads-up display directly in their field of view. DroneEye allows UAD pilots to also increase their situational awareness and become more effective in the field. The new platform can be leveraged for disaster relief and management, project site surveys from a bird's eye view, and for easily accessing hard to reach places for humans. 

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Hot Off the Press!

Take a look back at some of ThirdEye’s most prominent announcements over the past 12 months👀 

  • Yahoo! Finance - “ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Enterprise Solutions Aid in Environmental Sustainability Initiative”
  • - “ThirdEye’s Augmented Reality Telehealth Solution ‘RespondEye’ Now Available to First Responders on FirstNet”
  • Yahoo! Finance - “Go VR Immersive Develops Immersive Experiences for Customers with ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses”
  • VRARA - “ThirdEye Creates Fund for AR/MR Software Startups to Further Industry Growth”
  • Commercial Drone Professional - “How AR can Improve Drones”
  • XR Today - “ThirdEye is Powering Frontline Workers with MR Smart Glasses”


Blogtastic New Reads from ThirdEye!

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Trade Shows, Webinars, Conferences, and More

Let’s be honest, the new norm of attending trade show events has become a bit tricky ever since the pandemic began. Annual shows were postponed and even canceled, but fortunately the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines helped restore many of the events we had missed out on in 2020. 

Over the course of the past year, ThirdEye has seen and done it all; online events, in-person events, and even hybrid events! Regardless of format, we were ecstatic to return to these events so that we could share our best and brightest AR + MR solutions with the world. We would like to extend a thank you to all of the event organizers out there (you know who you are!) for showing great determination and dedication to bringing solution providers, industry experts, and event attendees back together once again in 2021!

A few events that we would like to highlight from the previous year include AWE 2021, Cali OEMS, Fire Rescue International, and Verizon’s Public Sector Event! These events gave our team a special opportunity to showcase some of our newest platforms, such as RespondEye, with people that are passionate about transforming the world with AR. From trade shows dedicated entirely to augmented reality wearables and software solutions, to industry-specific conferences, ThirdEye is looking forward to participating in as many events as possible in the new year!


What’s on the Horizon for ThirdEye in 2022?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the new year will take an entire organization but we can say with certainty that we have some eye-catching things planned for 2022. Our team is eager to tackle new challenges, form new business relationships, and equip our customers with the best AR + MR solutions available as they look to adopt emerging technologies.

A few things to look forward to this year are:

  • 5G integrations with ThirdEye’s augmented reality wearable devices
  • New headset releases (for consumers and enterprise workforces)
  • Announcements for our new AR + MR platforms and software updates for new functionalities for our existing platforms
  • Discovering new partnerships (if you’re interested in learning more about ThirdEye’s Partnership Program, please visit this link)
  • Expanding our team! ThirdEye is currently looking to hire new employees that are equally as interested in and passionate about the world of AR + MR. If you’re interested in joining the team, please apply for a position at this link!

Well that’s a wrap for this year! On behalf of the entire ThirdEye team, we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and a happy New Year🎉🎉 See you in 2022!