ThirdEye 2022 In Review



Do you have an augmented reality enthusiast in your family or in your friend circle? Christmas is a great time to get them something they will really love and enjoy.

ThirdEye's X2 AR/MR glasses are an excellent option if you would like to gift something with the latest and greatest features on the market! This product has impressive features which make it unique for AR/MR lovers like 1280 × 720 PX resolution, Waveguide Display Technology, Processor Snapdragon XR1, and a 4 GB RAM with 64 GB Flash.

ThirdEye sees a big future for AR/MR (Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality) in workplaces. With the X2 MR headset, which can overlay 3D images and text on a user’s surroundings, the ThirdEye is focused on the needs of employers in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other sectors.

2022 has been a great year for ThirdEye. We look back on 2022 with a level of astonishment at what ThirdEye has accomplished. At the beginning of the year, Crozer Health became the first hospital to utilize ThirdEye's end-to-end mixed reality smart glasses.

Check out ThirdEye's Augmented Reality glasses for a Christmas gift!