ThirdEye Weekly Update - 35

Patriot Day 2021 - Remembering 9/11

Join us in Remembering 9/11

The ThirdEye team would like to take a moment today to show our respect to the families and to our friends who were directly effected by the events of 9/11 exactly 20 years ago today. On this day every year, the American people come together to remember and honor the fallen, while commemorating their lives and stories which are forever memorialized. Even two decades later, we reflect and remember the events that took place in 2001 to remind each other of the importance of standing united as a nation.

We would also like to show our deepest gratitude and respect to all of the brave and inspiring first responders that showed up when it mattered most to lift NYC and the rest of our nation up at a time of crisis. These men and women showed their ongoing dedication to public service and were on the front lines of our fight against terrorism.

For more information about the 20th Anniversary Commemoration taking place in NYC tomorrow, please follow this link.

Please enjoy this week's updates:

  • Celebrating International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies
  • A Smarter Way to Conduct MRO
  • ThirdEye's First Responder Solution Featured on Fire Rescue TV
  • RemoteEye - Remote Expert Assistance Enabled by Augmented Reality



Celebrating International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of celebrating the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies where organizations like ThirdEye recognize the amount of hard work that must be done to reduce the effects of harmful air pollution. Advances in technology such as our augmented reality remote assistance platform - RemoteEye - are helping organizations around the world reach their environmental sustainability goals♻️🏞️ With remote teleconferencing platforms, organizations are able to reduce the number of unnecessary employee trips to onsite locations which ultimately cuts down on their carbon footprint.

Learn more about RemoteEye here


A Smarter Way to Conduct MRO

Augmented reality wearables offer new workflow capabilities to aerospace organizations and their frontline teams, such as engineers and technicians.

Learn more about ThirdEye's AR Solutions for Aerospace


ThirdEye's First Responder Solution Featured on Fire Rescue TV

Thank you to Martin Grube for featuring ThirdEye's first responder platform, known as RespondEye, and our X2 MR Glasses on Fire Rescue TV! The hands-free telehealth solution is enabling first responders to improve patient outcomes in emergency situations while allocating resources more efficiently.

Learn more about RespondEye and our X2 MR Glasses


RemoteEye - Remote Expert Assistance Enabled by Augmented Reality

Remote expert assistance on the X2 MR Glasses is transforming the way workforces are able to get tasks done more efficiently and effectively. With the ability to communicate with remote supervisors and/or experts in real-time, frontline workers can receive live assistance and instructions to streamline operations.

Get more info about our RemoteEye Platform