ThirdEye Weekly Update - 33

ThirdEye's Augmented and Mixed Reality Solutions for Enterprise Organizations

In order to stay ahead of the competition, enterprise organizations must always be looking forward. Evaluating new trends and getting creative about the potential offered by innovative technologies like augmented reality should always be top of mind.

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Please enjoy this week's updates:

  • Promoting Environmental Sustainability with AR-enabled Teleconferencing
  • What make the X2s stand out in the Internet of Things?
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) for A/E/C


Promoting Environmental Sustainability with AR-enabled Teleconferencing

Augmented reality remote assistance platforms, such as our RemoteEye solution, are helping organizations around the world reach their environmental sustainability goals♻️🌱☀️

By introducing wearable technology to their workforce, organizations are able to reduce the number of unnecessary employee trips to onsite locations which ultimately cuts down on their carbon footprint.

Learn more about RemoteEye here


What make the X2s stand out in the Internet of Things?

The ever-expanding Internet of Things 🌐 is home to billions of smart devices around the world. So how are ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses any different from the rest of these devices?

Take a look here to find out for yourself👀


Building Information Modeling (BIM) for A/E/C

Building information modeling is quickly becoming the foundation of existing and future architecture, engineering, and construction projects. Now enhanced with augmented reality wearable technology, a new era of digital transformation is here to stay!🏗️👷👷‍♀️

And now, ThirdEye's AR smart glasses are creating a bridge between BIM software platforms and real-world environments.

Learn more about AR technology for the A/E/C Industry


Building Connected Workforces with RemoteEye

ThirdEye's remote assistance platform, RemoteEye, was purpose-built to create connected workforces. With RemoteEye on the X2 MR Glasses, frontline workers now have the ability to connect with supervisors or specialists in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to transform your organization with augmented reality teleconferencing and wearable technology? Start by watching our RemoteEye video to learn more!

To get a demo of our RemoteEye Platform on the X2 MR Glasses, please follow this link!


ThirdEye's Developer Kits for the X2 MR Glasses

Are you creating an AR/MR application that requires marker or location-based tracking? If you are, ThirdEye's X2 dev kits offer the appropriate tools and testing environment for your application(s)! With forward facing sensors + cameras, as well as a built-in SLAM technology, our developer kits allow you to perfect your projects and reduce time to market.

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