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Augmented Reality is surely the next big thing in the tech field. With Pokémon Go being a huge success and Google’s Tango being the talk of the tech town, it is evident that Augmented Reality is the future. Developers are now trying to harness its potential and come up with creative ideas and applications based on this technology. 

Some big tech giants are investing in research to develop new and improved AR technology. Apple is one such company that is investing a lot in AR. It has even acquired an AR company called Metaio. With the release of iOS 11, we can expect some amazing AR applications to hit the app store. 

It is evident that developers are trying to utilize the potential of AR and come up with innovative ideas. The future of AR looks very promising, and we can expect some amazing applications and games in the near future.

RemoteEye software developed by ThirdEye Gen, Inc.  offers a suite of AR  features that can help your workforces increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the cost. At Thirdeye Gen, Inc., we work closely with our clients to identify and implement use cases that are practical, impactful and best suited to the unique needs of each organization. 


  • Our augmented reality telepresence platform allows organizations to drastically improve first time fix rates leading to more satisfied and happy customers.
  • In the future, this technology could be used to provide information about the people around you, or to help you find your way around a new city. It could also be used to provide information about products in a store, or to help you find a particular item in a large warehouse. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for this technology to improve our lives is significant.

Remote Assistance

  • In many cases, an expert’s physical presence is still required in order to support a complex problem. This requires travel, labor, and time. Augmented Reality (AR) can provide a solution for this issue. AR technology can allow for a high quality of on-site support through remote guidance and expert knowledge. By superimposing computer-generated information on top of a user’s field of view, AR can provide the user with information from an expert at another location. This can be used to provide assembly instructions or to provide analysis of a problem. AR could even provide real-time analysis of data and could be used for field servicing of equipment.
  • Augmented Reality for Logistics 
    • For logistics and distribution, AR can be used to provide accurate instructions on where to store inventory. AR could also be used to provide instructions on inventory placement and could provide information on the most efficient routes to load and unload product. AR could also be used to provide instructions on how to load a product onto a truck. 
  • Augmented Reality for Maintenance 
    • For maintenance, AR can be used to provide instructions on which parts to replace and how to fix a problem. AR could also be used to provide information on the most efficient route to fix


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Audio-Video call

  • Video calls are one of the most commonly used features of smartphones. Augmented reality can take this feature to the next level by providing an immersive experience. This can be done by placing virtual objects in the real world or by providing a virtual background. This will provide a more realistic experience and will make video calls more interesting.

Digital Information overlay - Annotation (Draw / Hand Shadow)

  • Digital information overlay through Augmented Reality is a technology that allows users to view digital information on top of their real-world surroundings. This information can include text, images, video, and sound. It is displayed on a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, that is held up to the user's field of view.

Hands Free Technology

  • This technology can also be used to provide ad-hoc training or coaching sessions, as well as to create collaborative workflows. For example, if a technician needs assistance with a complex repair, they can receive guidance and support from a remote expert to help them complete the task more quickly.

Empower your workforce

  • Leverage augmented reality headsets to empower your workforce to do their jobs more effectively. With an AR headset, workers can view instructions and information overlaid on their real-world surroundings, making it easier to complete tasks quickly and accurately.

End-to-end solution

  • ThirdEye Gen is an augmented reality headset that can be used for a variety of tasks, including navigation, taking pictures and videos, and searching the internet. The headset can also be used to provide an end-to-end solution for a variety of tasks, including navigation, taking pictures and videos, and searching the internet.

These are some of the ways in which augmented reality can be used in the future. Augmented reality has the potential to change the way we live and interact with the world. There are a number of different applications for remote expert assistance, and the technology is constantly evolving. As more companies adopt this technology, we are likely to see even more innovative uses for it.

You should always remember that this technology is still in its early stages and there are many things that need to be improved. However, it is definitely worth a try if you want to experience something new and different.

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