Remote Telepresence and Expert Assistance for Data Centers

Remote Telepresence and Expert Assistance for Data Centers

Similarly to augmented reality smart glasses, data centers come in all shapes and sizes; whether you are running a local center for your company or a large-scale web hosting service like AWS, the following list of equipment (sourced from will always need to be in tip-top shape to ensure your data center is a well-oiled machine:

  • Environmental control equipment such as environmental monitors, humidifiers, and cooling systems
  • Server racks
  • Redundant powers sources
  • Cable management supplies
  • Computer and network equipment

As you can imagine, managing a data center requires in-depth and timely planning to get it all right. And in addition to planning ahead for your data center, complex machinery also requires even more complex upkeep. A good bulk of the equipment mentioned previously can last for a few decades with little to no issues. But according to experienced data center professionals, IT components such as computers and servers are replaced every few years.

Over the past few decades the technology industry has made impressive advancements in creating a more connected world of data for both consumers and enterprise organizations. But due to growing concerns around the maintenance, repairs, and standard replacements of data center equipment, data companies need to lean on emerging technology solutions to keep their facilities running smoothly.

Emerging technologies such as the ones leading Industry 4.0 (i.e. smart glasses, IoT sensors, etc.) are streamlining the way data center technicians supply routine maintenance and repairs to aging equipment. With ThirdEye’s remote teleconferencing platform enabled by augmented reality, data companies can:

  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Diagnose equipment issues in real-time
  • Conduct preventive maintenance
  • Streamline channels of communication

Accessing Diagrams, Schematics, and Step-by-Step Instructions

Through a heads-up display on ThirdEye X Series Smart Glasses, frontline technicians can reference critical support documents and schematics while completing their everyday tasks. Accessing this digital information allows workers to get the right information at the right time, which is paramount to staying productive and efficient while on the job. For example, while on the floor of a data center, technicians can pull up a breakdown of cable management systems so that they can quickly learn what colors are associated with each specific cable within the system. Referencing these schematics in real-time enables the work in data centers to be streamlined by reducing the need to walk away from a task to access such information.

While logged into ThirdEye’s Remote telepresence platform, RemoteEye, management personnel can also set up step-by-step instructions for frontline workers. These instructions provide a more structured approach to completing complex maintenance and repairs and give workers peace of mind knowing that experts are guiding them through difficult tasks.

Remote Telepresence

An additional core benefit of augmented reality solutions for data centers is the ability to supply workforces with more advanced forms of communication. ThirdEye’s “see-what-I-see platform” enabled by AR technology allows frontline technicians to connect with remote experts and supervisors for real-time assistance. The platform comes with basic pre-loaded features such as audible and visual communication, on-screen annotations, and the ability to take photos and videos for future reference. The previously mentioned features allow remotely-located management personnel to walk frontline workers through diagnosing and fixing problems with data center equipment more efficiently than ever before.

RemoteEye also takes remote telepresence a step further with immersive features such as:

  • Image recognition driven by AI
  • Work orders
  • Safety instructions
  • Digital twins
  • Viewing 3D models overlaid into your physical environment

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Electrician with X2 Glasses - 2

At ThirdEye, we believe in the power of building smart facilities where IoT devices communicate with one another and leverage artificial intelligence to streamline operations. By installing and connecting environmental monitoring sensors to other IoT devices such as ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses, we are now able to create a new generation of smart data centers.

Smart data centers are at the cutting edge of technology with the ability to influence data driven decisions and optimize your facility’s performance levels. By creating a connected network of sensors spread out around your facility, data center teams are able to leverage cloud-based computing to gather predictive analytics. And while wearing a hands-free pair of smart glasses, technicians can access, view, and save live sensor data while navigating through their facility. Smart data centers are inevitably becoming the future of providing centralized monitoring of complex cooling and power distribution systems! Together, we can reach new levels of performance for your data center!

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