A New Age of Law Enforcement with Augmented Reality Wearable Technology

Creating Safer Communities with Augmented Reality Technology for Law Enforcement

In order to stay ahead of potential threats to public safety, law enforcement agencies must always be looking forward. Evaluating new trends and getting creative about the potential offered by innovative technologies (like our X2 MR Glasses) should always be top of mind. Augmented reality solutions are introducing law enforcement departments and their officers with new ways to create better outcomes in emergency situations, build safer communities, and save more lives in times of need.

But how can augmented reality hardware and software solutions be leveraged in this new age of law enforcement? Fortunately, AR can be useful in a multitude of ways such as in training environments, for emergency response, in routine traffic stops, and more! Below you can read expert insights from the ThirdEye team into each of these facets and how AR plays an important role in all of them.

Immersive Training Exercises

Man with X2 Glasses - Shooting Range-1

More practice rounds fired in a shortened period of time = less materials and precious minutes wasted. With a hands-free and wearable pair of smart glasses, officers-in-training can utilize an optical see-through display to visualize enhanced training scenarios. 

A reimagined training environment will allow new officers to immerse themselves in a more realistic fire range while also allowing the user to shoot more rounds in a shorter amount of time—thus streamlining the classroom to field experience. Furthermore, augmented reality-enabled training exercises can help improve retention and qualification rates and provide simulated police environments incorporated with real-world equipment. As studies have shown time and time again over the past few decades, the majority of students are visual learners. With HUDs equipped with augmented reality, your law enforcement trainees can visualize their success metrics all in real-time such as percentage of shots landed or missed, average draw time, recoil control, etc.

Sounds too good to be true? We promise it’s not! All of this is possible with the X2 MR Glasses due to the power of integrated sensors including HD cameras, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), and a built-in GPS. These sensors allow for extremely accurate head tracking of the officer with respect to his/her range environment and help in offering a low encumbrance design that does not change how the shooter operates and fires their weapon. ThirdEye’s law enforcement training solutions fully support and operate efficiently with M4 and M16 weapon platforms utilizing various sights (iron, red dot, CCO, and ACOG).

Remote Telepresence for Emergency Response

Emergency EMT - 3 - Remote Assistance-1-1

A connected unit is a stronger unit. And in today’s rapidly growing landscape of digitally connected devices we are able to supply law enforcement teams with the right tools to always get the job done reliably and efficiently. Wearable AR headsets supply officers on the frontline with a simple way to provide live visual + audible feeds to remotely-located personnel back at police headquarters, resulting in improved coordination and more accurate logs of field activity.

Through ThirdEye’s remote teleconferencing platform known as RemoteEye, experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) can see exactly what the officer is seeing in real time during responses to emergencies. Remote supervisors can also rapidly deliver useful contextual information, such as environmental information and suspects whereabouts in relation to an officer’s location.

Various functionalities of our RemoteEye Platform include:

  • Screenshot & annotations
  • Teleconference calls with multiple participants 
  • Various UI controls: voice, head motion, and gesture
  • Initiate calls from the field or home office
  • Participate in calls from desktop, app, or the headset
  • Take photos, record videos, and share documents 
  • Remote troubleshooting

Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, and more for Routine Traffic Stops

A fairly new concept for the use of augmented reality in law enforcement is facial recognition during routine traffic stops. And as far-fetched as it seems, this only takes a few different tools to become a reality; augmented reality wearable technology, software solutions powered by artificial intelligence (for facial recognition, driver’s license data, and vehicle plate information), and pre-existing criminal databases filled with info on the bad guys. 

Envision this: 

Your law enforcement unit has a traffic stop set up on a local highway, hoping to quickly resolve an AMBER Alert that was shared publicly earlier in the day. Officers wearing an augmented reality headset are able to run live facial scans of each person stopping at the highway barricade. Within the initial 6 hours that the AMBER Alert is sent out to the public, your unit has already identified and apprehended the kidnapper while safely returning the child home to their family. 

By combining the most powerful AR and AI tools available on the market today, law enforcement departments can reach new heights with emergency response, criminal apprehension, and overall public safety

Combining Drones and A Hands-free Display for Increased Situational Awareness

DroneEye - Augmented Reality Enabled Drone Solutions for Law Enforcement

One of ThirdEye’s newest AR platforms known as DroneEye, combines our cutting-edge smart glasses with unmanned aerial drones (UADs). This combination provides officers piloting a UAD with a new perspective of viewing live drone feeds while staying situationally aware of their physical surroundings. Now, first response units can assess emergency situations in a quicker fashion and utilize thermal scans from an aerial perspective to locate people that have been trapped by a natural disaster. Faster detection, analysis, and action are pillars to creating better outcomes for victims of events such as hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, forest fires, and more.

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