10 Things You Didn't Know About ThirdEye

10 Things you Didn't Know About ThirdEye
  1. ThirdEye is based out of Princeton, NJ

Princeton is one of New Jersey’s premier historical and cultural hubs filled with breath-taking architecture and a passion for innovation. Driven by the prestigious Ivy league Princeton University, the area brings together people of all backgrounds and some of the brightest minds from around the world. ThirdEye flourishes in central New Jersey due to the excitement around technology and a true love for augmented reality-driven solutions stemming from upper management, summer interns, and everybody in between. Our team is proud to represent the United States’ East Coast ‘Silicon Valley’ and New Jersey as a leader in the augmented reality industry.

  1. The X2 Design was Driven by Customer Feedback
ThirdEye Gen's X2 MR Glasses


Before the creation of our X2 MR Glasses, ThirdEye’s first wearable augmented reality solution needed some necessary re-working. A vital benefit of being a start-up organization in the AR space is the ability to be responsive to the wants and needs of the market and our enterprise customers. Our engineering team designed an optimal wearable solution that fits all head sizes which also comes with an adjustable head strap. Several of ThirdEye’s enterprise partners were also looking for the ability to use the glasses in an industrial setting and meet specific field service safety requirements; this sparked the ergonomic change of the new model to be able to connect to 4 and 6 point hard hats. An additional design implementation that was gathered from market and customer research was a bright screen display for indoor and outdoor use. 

  1. We Ship Worldwide

ThirdEye in the Clouds

A goal of ours is to share the power of augmented reality wearables with people from every cultural background. With this in mind, our X2 MR Glasses ship worldwide to every continent and country regardless of order size. Our dedicated logistics team works diligently to make sure orders arrive in an appropriate time frame and get where they need to go. If you have any specific questions about shipping options and the order fulfillment process, feel free to reach out to our team at support@thirdeyegen.com!

  1. The X2s Have Two Displays that Generate 3D Content Overlay

Visualize 3D Products in Home (AR ECommerce Apps) 4mb

The X2 MR Glasses have two waveguide displays that allow the headset to introduce a new reality for our users. By overlapping display images, the glasses are able to project 2D and 3D content into your field of view. A semi-transparent projection also allows the user to still see their physical environment while working with immersive visual data allowing for an engaging and hands-free experience. 

  1. Our CEO is a Forbes 30 under 30 Award Winner

Nick speaking

President and CEO of ThirdEye, Nick Cherukuri, was awarded a position on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020 under the enterprise technology category. Nick was recognized for being a successful young entrepreneur and for starting ThirdEye a few years ago because of his passion for augmented reality. To view and read the full article, please click here!

6. ThirdEye Fully Supports our Customer's AR Deployments with our Own Custom-built Mobile Device Management Platform

ThirdEye Gen Mobile Device Management Platform

ThirdEye’s Mobile Device Management Platform was purpose-built for enterprise-size deployments of the X2 MR Glasses. Organizations can now track usage statistics for X2 devices all on the same network. Technical teams can remotely administer device policies and permissions, lock devices, install and remove applications, and send system-wide messages to workers wearing the X2s. Further benefits of the MDM platform can be found on our website or by reaching out to us at sales@thirdeyegen.com for more info.

  1. Our X2 MR Glasses have a Dedicated High End IMU Specifically for SLAM

Vision Eye SLAM

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology enables the X2 MR Glasses to create 3D content overlay into the real world. Through a dedicated high end IMU (inertial measurement unit) specifically for SLAM, the X2s are capable of high performance tracking and computing processes. Our specialized hardware provides a more accurate immersive experience with 3D virtual content placed into physical environments. The dedicated high end IMU for SLAM also allows users to interact and manipulate 3D objects and models in real time.

  1. We have our own App Store

ThirdEye Gen App Store

Similar to application stores seen on mobile devices, PCs, and consoles, ThirdEye Gen has our own app store dedicated for our hardware solutions. The constantly-growing ThirdEye App Store combines augmented and mixed reality solutions for enterprise use cases that pair perfectly with our lightweight binocular headset design. Our X Series app store platform also allows people who do not own a pair of the X2s to develop AR-based solutions and then upload and share their creation(s) with the world.

  1. Our AR Hardware Solutions are One Size Fits All

ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses

The X2 MR Glasses were ergonomically designed by our engineers to fit all head sizes and shapes. With an adjustable nose piece, flexible hinges and arms, and flexible rubber wings, the ThirdEye headset is a form fitting wearable device for enterprise use cases. Flexible features like the nosepiece and head strap allow users to have optimal comfort over long periods of use in the field. 

  1. ThirdEye is Hiring!


Our team of AR enthusiasts is constantly growing and we are always looking for more people interested in the wearable technology space. We are currently hiring for marketing, sales, support, and technical expertise positions and are looking forward to expanding all areas of our organization!

If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please reach out to careers@thirdeyegen.com to find out more information!